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Children's Aid Societies of Ontario

Forging a Path of Excellence: Novamodus' Unparalleled Success in Revolutionizing HR Systems at Children's Aid Societies

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The Journey of Children's Aid Societies and Overcoming Challenges

Within Ontario, numerous children's aid societies are committed to the well-being of children, youth, and families. These organizations collaborate closely with other community entities that prioritize the needs of children and families, fostering a comprehensive approach to child welfare services. Given the significance of their work, HR leadership is consistently seeking ways to optimize workforce management. Consequently, HR leaders within these organizations are resolute in acquiring an efficient HR system that can effectively manage their workforce and fulfill their unique requirements.

Due to Novamodus' (formerly Vigilant) renowned reputation and Oracle's well-known user-friendly application, numerous children's aid societies have actively sought out Novamodus as their chosen provider for implementing the comprehensive suite of Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) products. In 2018, Novamodus successfully executed our inaugural HCM project for a children's aid society, paving the way for subsequent engagements with other organizations in the field. Notable implementations include the Catholic Children's Aid Society of Toronto, Catholic Children's Aid Society of Hamilton, Bruce Grey Child and Family Services, Family & Children's Services of Waterloo Region, Family and Children's Services of Frontenac, Lennox, and Addington, as well as Highland Shores Children's Aid.

Throughout these projects, Novamodus applied our proprietary Indmodus methodology, which played a pivotal role in delivering these implementations on-budget and on-time — a critical requirement for these organizations. Across these children's aid societies, Novamodus proficiently deployed a wide range of HCM modules, encompassing Core HR, Payroll, Recruiting, HR Help Desk, Health and Safety, Benefits, Learning, Talent Management, Absence Management, and Time and Labor functionalities.

Novamodus' Transformative Solution Empowering Children's Aid Societies

Unleashing the Transformative Impact on Children's Aid Societies

Since the implementation of Oracle Cloud applications across all six children's aid societies, a remarkable surge in operational efficiencies has been witnessed. These organizations have experienced notable improvements in workforce management, thanks to the powerful functionalities provided by these modules. With a single, integrated application, they can now swiftly recruit qualified personnel, effectively manage payroll, seamlessly oversee their existing workforce, facilitate skill development, and much more.

Novamodus' extensive expertise in working with children's aid societies and public sector clients has played a pivotal role in addressing the unique challenges faced by these organizations head-on. Drawing upon our experience in collaborating with similar entities, Novamodus has efficiently and effectively partnered with these societies, allowing us to reach milestones ahead of schedule. Our successful collaboration with Children's Aid Societies throughout Ontario serves as yet another testament to Novamodus' ability to seamlessly implement Oracle Cloud Applications across diverse industries, solidifying our reputation and expertise in the field.

Our Team.

The Novamodus members mentioned below played a pivotal role in driving the project to its triumphant outcome.

Des Seturam

Des Seturam


Sacha Agostini

Sacha Agostini

HCM Practice Director

Darius Wrathall

Darius Wrathall

Development Lead