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Empowering The Town of Aurora's Financial Transformation: A Successful ERP Implementation Journey

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The Town of Aurora Unveiled: Identifying Challenges and Embracing Transformation

The Town of Aurora is a fast-growing community, located in the heart of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), with a population of over 58,000. In 2022, driven by a vision of progress, the Town embarked on a mission to revitalize its financial processes through the implementation of a cutting-edge Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution, designed to seamlessly integrate across the organization.

Prior to this transformative ERP endeavor, the Town relied on multiple systems to cater to its diverse financial needs. However, recognizing the need for enhanced efficiency and robust reporting capabilities, Aurora set out to modernize and streamline its financial systems. Through the implementation of a state-of-the-art ERP, budgeting, and reporting software, the Town sought to unlock a world of opportunities for effectively monitoring key financial metrics and achieving strategic deliverables.

Driven by a commitment to progress, the Town embarked on a transformative journey to revolutionize its financial landscape with the ultimate goal to empower financial users with a system that was seamlessly integrated with unparalleled efficiency for a thriving future.

Driven by their organizational objectives, the Town of Aurora embarked on a quest to discover the perfect ERP system that would cater to their unique needs. After an extensive and competitive selection process, the Town ultimately chose Oracle Cloud Applications as their solution, complemented by the expertise of Novamodus (formerly Vigilant), their chosen System Implementer. Novamodus used our proprietary Citymodus methodology which was developed specifically for municipalities like Aurora.

In July 2022, Novamodus commenced the implementation of the cutting-edge ERP system for the Town of Aurora, employing their tried-and-tested Citymodus methodology. Novamodus successfully deployed Oracle Cloud Financials, Planning and Procurement, encompassing crucial modules such as General Ledger, Payables (including Invoice Automation), Receivables, Assets, Procurement (including Self Service Procurement Purchasing, Sourcing, Procurement Contracts and Supplier Portal), Cash Management, Financial Planning, Workforce Planning, Financial Reporting, Narrative Planning , and Business Intelligence (BI) Analytics. In addition, Novamodus, along with their partner, Ravic, implemented the Enterprise Municipal Solution for Property Taxes, Utility Billing and Cashiering, that were built using Oracle Platform as a Service (PaaS), and seamlessly integrated with the Oracle Cloud Applications. The User Experience was made seamless so that users can move from one application to another without even knowing it.

By June 2023, the Town of Aurora went live with their new ERP solution, modernizing their financial processes and propelling them towards their strategic objectives. This implementation marked a milestone of reshaping the Town's approach to their systems landscape.

Igniting The Town of Aurora's Financial Evolution: Novamodus' Game-Changing Solution

Unlocking Success: The Town of Aurora's Growth with Oracle Cloud Applications

Since its successful launch in June 2023, the Town of Aurora has experienced a remarkable transformation in its operational landscape, thanks to the implementation of Oracle Cloud Applications. Leveraging the unified power of this cutting-edge solution, Aurora has witnessed immediate enhancements in its business processes. The Town effectively harnessed the capabilities of the new system to streamline data entry, reduce redundancies, eliminate paper-based workflows, and optimize storage.

Oracle's robust reporting functionality has proven instrumental in empowering The Town of Aurora to elevate the quality and accessibility of financial information, thus improving their decision-making processes. With comprehensive insights readily available, the Town can now make well-informed financial choices with confidence and precision.

In addition, Novamodus' exceptional training resources ensured a seamless transition from the legacy system to the Oracle Cloud products. Through Novamodus' dedicated training, the Town's users were equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate the new platform effortlessly, maximizing the system's potential.

Delivered on-time and within budget, this project has further solidified the Town of Aurora's partnership with Novamodus, establishing them as yet another referenceable client in Canada. The Town of Aurora's successful journey showcases Novamodus' commitment to delivering transformative solutions that drive growth and excellence.

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Des Seturam


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Anitha Reddy

ERP Practice Director

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Govind Mini Pradeep

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