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Forging a Path for Oracle Cloud Applications in Canada

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Exploring Westmount Hospitality Group and Overcoming Unique Challenges

Westmont Hospitality Group, a prominent global hospitality organization, owns and operates an extensive portfolio of hotels worldwide. As a leading privately-held entity in the hospitality sector, Westmont Hospitality Group encountered distinct obstacles in efficiently managing their day-to-day financial operations. These challenges stemmed from the intricate business processes encompassing 300 hotels, each operating under different ownership models, including owned, managed, and franchised.

With a substantial number of hotels under their purview, ensuring data security was a paramount concern during the transformation process. It was imperative to prevent any inadvertent data access between hotels at both sub-ledger and General Ledger levels. Additionally, Westmont Hospitality Group necessitated the utilization of primary and secondary ledgers for comprehensive management and statutory reporting.

While revamping their ERP system, Westmont Hospitality Group confronted the additional requirement of integrating with their legacy non-Oracle systems. In light of these multifaceted challenges and strategic objectives, Westmont Hospitality Group embarked on a search for an ERP system that would align with their specific business requirements.

With a strong determination to revolutionize their business operations, Westmont Hospitality Group, under the guidance of IT and financial leadership, pursued a groundbreaking approach to manage their activities. Their primary objective was to adopt a comprehensive cloud-based solution that could be universally implemented across all their hotels. To achieve this goal, Westmont Hospitality Group made the strategic decision to leverage Oracle Cloud ERP applications and partnered with Novamodus (formerly Vigilant) in December 2014 to execute the implementation using Novamodus' proprietary Indmodus methodology, specifically tailored for Oracle Cloud Applications.

Over a span of seven months, Novamodus successfully deployed Oracle Cloud Financials and Procurement, encompassing crucial modules such as General Ledger, Payables, Assets, Procurement, Cash Management, Financial Reporting Studio (FRS), and Business Intelligence (BI) Analytics. The implemented solution consisted of 11 Primary Ledgers spanning various countries, including Canada, the United States, and nine European countries such as the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Ireland, and the Netherlands. Additionally, six Secondary Ledgers were created in the system.

Considering Westmont Hospitality Group's international presence, more than 500 Business Units were created, while five Chart of Accounts were established, featuring intricate global mapping to Statutory Chart of Account Mappings specific to European countries. Furthermore, the project encompassed the incorporation of over 40 RICE objects, including interfaces to legacy systems, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) processes across multiple countries, Cheque Printing functionality, and data conversion involving seven years' worth of data, encompassing GL transactions, 30,000 suppliers, 15,000 supplier banks, 600 internal banks, open purchase orders, and invoices.

By June 2015, Westmont Hospitality Group achieved a significant milestone by successfully going live with Oracle Cloud ERP Applications, making them the first organization in Canada to implement this cutting-edge solution. This achievement also marked Novamodus as the first system implementer to successfully execute an Oracle Cloud implementation in Canada. Since then, Novamodus has consistently applied their Indmodus methodology and valuable insights gained from this project to successfully implement over 100 Oracle Cloud Application products, ensuring projects are delivered on-time and on-budget.

Revolutionizing the Game: Novamodus' Solution that Transformed the Hospitality Landscape

The Astonishing Impact of Oracle Cloud on Westmont Hospitality

The implementation of Oracle Cloud ERP products marked a groundbreaking milestone for Novamodus and Westmont Hospitality, establishing them as pioneers in adopting Oracle Cloud solutions in Canada. Through this transformative solution, Westmont Hospitality Group experienced firsthand the remarkable advantages of Oracle Cloud products. The adoption of Oracle Cloud ERP provided Westmont with a unified global tool that could be effectively deployed across all their hotels, all while satisfying their stringent security requirements using the standard functionality offered by Oracle Cloud.

The shift to Oracle Cloud brought forth a multitude of benefits for Westmont Hospitality Group. They witnessed a remarkable 50% reduction in overall IT costs related to ERP systems, thanks to the streamlined efficiency and cost-effectiveness of Oracle Cloud. The elimination of all customizations further contributed to streamlined business processes and simplified maintenance. Moreover, the transition from their legacy system to Oracle Cloud was seamless due to Novamodus' comprehensive training and knowledge transfer for nearly 400 users spread across 11 countries.

In addition, Novamodus' exceptional training resources ensured a seamless transition from the legacy system to the Oracle Cloud products. Through Novamodus' dedicated training, Westmont's users were equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate the new platform effortlessly, maximizing the system's potential.

By choosing Oracle Cloud ERP and Novamodus as their system implementer, Westmont Hospitality Group was able to revolutionize its operations, resulting in substantial cost savings, enhanced system flexibility, and effectively adopting the solution throughout their global organization.

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