Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Trusted Oracle partners for all your implementation needs.

Cloud Resources

Whether you need computing power, storage space, or virtual networks, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides a secure environment to procure virtual or bare metal resources in data centers around the world. Novamodus can assist in designing your cloud architecture, provisioning the resources that you need, and implementing your systems to work for your business.

Lift and Shift

Over the past few years, more businesses are seeing the value in migrating their data to the cloud, regardless of the type of database that your organization uses, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure can host it in a secure cloud environment. Let us assist you with your decision in this process and provide you with an assessment if Lift and Shift makes sense for you. If we agree for the move to a Cloud Infrastructure, Novamodus can assist with your move, as we have done for several organizations.

Website and Application Hosting

More and more businesses have started to host their websites or mobile applications in the cloud rather than on-premise. This allows them to focus on delivering a great app instead of wasting time procuring servers and network equipment. Novamodus can help your organization build a great web or mobile application hosted on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

High Performance Computing

With the rise of the use of data mining and machine learning in business processes, the need for powerful computing resources has increased across organizations. These resources are often costly and only needed for short periods, for example when training the machine learning models. Novamodus can help guide your organization on the best practices to scale up your resources when needed to take advantage of the power that Oracle offers at a greatly reduced cost.