Application Management Support

20+ years of providing the best support to our clients.

Application Support

Managing the complexities involved in an Enterprise Resource Planning system like Oracle Fusion requires a deep understanding of the interactions between the system's different components. The Application Management Support (AMS) team at Novamodus has substantial experience across all Oracle Cloud modules as well as Oracle E-Business Suite and consistently resolves complicated application issues.

Upgrade Testing

Quarterly application upgrades are important for resolving bugs, adding new features, tightening security, and improving the overall application. However, every upgrade carries a risk that some previously defined workflows may break. Novamodus uses a proprietary automated testing tool—TestModus—to verify that all test cases are working correctly before applying the upgrade to a production environment.

Application Enrichment

Oracle Fusion offers a powerful environment for businesses to manage their enterprise data in a way that is configurable to an organization's particular needs. However, there are some business requirements that cannot be captured in Oracle Fusion out-of-the-box. Novamodus has extensive experience enriching Oracle applications with additional pages, custom workflows, and automated processes in a way that utilizes as many of Oracle's in-built tools as possible while still focusing on long-term stability.